Orthodontist Dr. Paul Feldon Installs In-Office Air Purifiers

Trusted Family Orthodontist Dr. Paul Feldon Installs In-Office Air Purifiers, Adding to Suite of Protective Measures Provided for Patients and Staff During COVID-19 Pandemic

Main Street Orthodontics at Baptist Medical Plaza and Dr. Paul Feldon recently announced the installation of seven new, medical-grade Medify Air purifiers at the practice to help protect against and prevent pathogenic community spread. Dr. Feldon’s office has already reopened after the pandemic quarantine, in full accordance with CDC guidelines. As he routinely treats children and others who might be asymptomatic, Dr. Feldon decided to add the extra layer of protection at his practice.

In addition to stocking the best available personal protective equipment (PPE) – like gloves, masks, face shields, and sanitizers – Dr. Feldon took the additional step of air purification for multiple reasons:

“I installed the purifiers because it’s worth it for the well-being of my patients, staff, and my own safety. Purifying the air in the office just makes sense, since aerosols from infected people can aid transmission of COVID-19. I also screen each patient and visitor for body temperatures upon arriving, but we’ve learned that many carriers can be asymptomatic. So, I wanted the highest level of protection in my practice. Every treatment room, common area, and work space is now covered by a purifier. It’s valuable peace-of-mind for everyone.”

Each of the purifiers is extremely powerful, capable of cleaning the entire practice in 15 minutes, while removing a wide variety of viruses and bacteria. Dr. Feldon also assures his patients that he has not passed the cost of the filtration system on to them: “I don’t increase the fees for our patients. It’s just part of doing everything possible to lower everyone’s risk, while providing the best possible patient experience and highest standards of orthodontic care.”

About Main Street Orthodontics at Baptist Medical Plaza

Dr. Feldon has been practicing in Palmetto Bay since 2008, and specializes in orthodontic services for all ages. The friendly office staff always take the time to clearly explain each step of the treatment process to each patient. The modern office is cheerful and bright, providing wifi, and other fun distractions for young patients, while offering the latest advancements in dental technology such as digital impressions.

Main Street Children’s Dentistry & Orthodontics has 29 locations throughout Florida; four in Central Florida, five in Maryland, 16 in South Florida, and four in West Florida. To learn more or schedule an appointment, visit our official website at www.mainstreetsmiles.com

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