Emergency Dentist in Grande Prairie

What to do if you have a Dental Emergency?

If you have ever had a dental emergency then you understand how terrifying and painful it can be. Most of the time people are unsure what constitutes a dental emergency, who they should call, and what they can do at home when they experience a dental emergency. All you have to do is refer to the following guidelines to find out how to properly handle your dental emergency.

Examples of Urgent Dental Emergencies:

  • Bleeding gums that will not stop
  • A loose or knocked-out tooth
  • Injured jaw
  • Painful swelling
  • Painful toothache that will not subside
  • Swollen cheeks or face in combination with a toothache
  • Extreme tooth sensitivity

If you experience any dental emergencies, they should be dealt with right away! Contact your Grand Prairie Dentist, or visit the nearest dental clinic.

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